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Tell My Luck

An astrology app made on the complex studies of Vashist Jyotish which tells you about your Past, Present & Future.

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About Tell My Luck

Tell My Luck app is most accurate app based on complex astrological principles made under the guidance of Gurudev GD Vashist Ji.


Personal Advisor

Do you remain confused always? If Yes, Now you don’t need to be as you get a true advisor in your pocket.


Time Tested Remedies

Got satisfied by your predictions? Get time tested powerful remedies to reduce the ill effect of unfavorable planets.


Birth Chart

Get your birth chart analysis by just entering your birth details such as birth date, time and place.


Categorised Solution

You get free prediction of your life based on various aspects of your life such as health, family, career, married life and much more.

Awesome features

Principles of Vashist Jyotish

After deep research in the field of astrology Tell My Luck is based on complex principles of astrology which helps to predict most accurate predictions for an individual.

Trust of Gurudev GD Vashist

This app is made under the guidance of Astro Scientist – Gurudev GD Vashist Ji, which adds a belief towards the accuracy of the predictions and remedies.

Different Categories

This app aware you about most important aspects of your life whether it’s your health, wealth, married life, family or your career, it tells you about all.


Analysis of Planets

This app performs analysis of all nine planets in your birth chart according to your birth details such as date of birth, time and place.

Free Predictions by Birth Details

Want to know about your life? Then why to pay for it? Get free and accurate predictions of your life from most trusted astrology app in the India.

Buy Remedies

If there is any unfavorable yog in your birth chart which is affecting your life at an extinct then we advice you to buy time tested remedies from the app.

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About Vashist Jyotish

Vashist Jyotish is a branch of astrology based on complex principles of astrology and modern science. It states that one planet can have different effects in multiple houses. Sometimes it could be favorable in one house and unfavorable in another house and the planets will give both favorable and unfavorable effect time to time.

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Download Tell My Luck App on Google Play Store or iOS App Store to know about your future at a comfort of sitting at your home. This app is said to be the best astrology app so far due to its ease of use and detailed predictions. Anyone can peep into his/her future with the help of his /her birth details via Tell My Luck App by Gurudev GD Vashist.

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User Review

Check what does people say about Tell My Luck.

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Mohan Pandit

Got complete and true prediction of every aspects of my life from this app. Everything is perfect and accurate. There is not a single app or jyotishi that is so much accurate like this. Jai Gurudev.

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Rajesh Mishra

Very Good app. One can know about his life and improve his future and can decide what to do in future life.

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Parul Agarwal

Great app. Now, I don't need to go outside for any astrologer for knowing my hidden details. It gives accurate results. Must use. Thanks to Gurudev and his team. Keep it up.

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Rosy Singh

I agree with the stars working in our life and this app helps us to be alert in present and future.

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Tell My Luck has proven itself as the best astrology app so far with more than 1 lakh downloads in very first month of the launch and more than 1K positive reviews with overall 4 star+ rating on Google Play Store.

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